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Green Jobs Program

Learning Plan Reflection


A requirement for Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) Green Jobs Program is the development of an end of placement review for participants. In reviewing the same questions set out in the Learning Plan completed at the beginning of the work plcacement, participants will have a chance to review their learning objectives and goals set at the beginning of their placement. 

The learning plan review does not need to be a long document. It should at a minimum summarize which skills, knowledge, and competencies they achieved as well as which areas they felt could have been improved upon. 

Learning plan reflections should address the following questions:

  1. What is your anticipated employment status at the end of this placement?
  2. Where are you now and what did you learn from this placement?
  3. Which skills and competencies did you learn from this placement to help you succeed?
  4. What learning activities helped you acquire these skills?
  5. How could your supervisor and organization have supported you further?
  6. Did you gain employable/transferable skills from your placement experience?
  7. What professional skills did you gain from your placement experience?
  8. What job-related skills did you gain from this placement?
  9. Additional comments, concerns or suggestions.


The learning plan review must be completed by the participant only. This review will not be shared with your employer(s). This information may be used anonomously in aggregate to help develop our curriculum component.