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Welcoming Highly Skilled Newcomers

Learning Plan


A requirement for Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) Welcoming Highly Skilled Newcomers program is the development of a formal learning plan for participants. A learning plan is a personalized action plan, between an employer and a participant, designed to help set and meet co-op-related learning objectives. It is an agreement that needs to be developed before the start of a placement.

The learning plan must clearly demonstrate what types of knowledge, competencies or skills that the participant will acquire over the course of their employment, and how these skills will support future employment in the sector or mobility to other sectors/regions.

A learning plan does not need to be a long document. It should at a minimum set out learning objectives, learning activities that the participant will complete to support the objectives, as well as indicators of learning outcomes.

Learning plans should address the following questions:

  1. Where am I now and what do I want to learn from this placement?
  2. Which skills and competencies do I need to succeed?
  3. What learning activities will help me acquire these skills?
  4. How can my supervisor and organization support me?


 The learning plan must be defined and agreed to by the participant and the employer. This information may be used in aggregate to help develop our Welcoming Highly Skilled Newcomers Program.